Mediasuite Terms and Conditions (please see below for Music Centre Terms and Conditions)

By using this site you agree to the Terms and Conditions of use of UEA Equipment. 

Please insure that all technical inductions are attended prior to booking equipment or you may be refused.

You should particularly note that persons borrowing University property:

·              remain responsible for its safe keeping at all times

·              will be liable for the £1000 excess in the event of an insurance claim

·              will be liable for the full replacement cost of the equipment if it is lost or damaged in circumstances where the insurance conditions have not been met, e.g if it is stolen from an unattended vehicle or lost or damaged through carelessness, deliberate or otherwise.

Please note new registrations can take 24 hours


UEA Music Centre: Practice Rooms – Terms and Conditions of Use - 2020-21

The Practice Rooms will need to be subject to a strict booking system to ensure they are COVID safe. This will be a considerable change for those used to using them on an open access basis. Please adhere closely to these rules to avoid the risk of the Practice Rooms being shut down.


Booking a Practice Room


Using the Practice Rooms




The rooms will be cleaned twice a day, but each user must also:


·       Wipe down piano keys, door handles, window handle, seats, usage signs and any other touch points before and after use. Wipes are provided in black, wall mounted Wipe Pods in the Practice Room corridor.


·       Us the hand sanitiser provided in the wall mounted dispensers.


General rules


·       No amplification of any kind may be used in the Practice Rooms.


·       Do not bring any food or drink into the practice block. If you do so, your access may be revoked.


·       Turn the usage sign to ‘in use’ when using the room and back to ‘free’ when you leave the room.


·       Ensure the doors are closed properly, when practicing.


·       Do not remove music stands, piano stools or chairs from the practice block.


·       Do not, under any circumstances, prop the door to the practice wing open.


·       Do not attempt to move the pianos.


·       Turn off the lights and close piano lids and windows, when leaving rooms.


Please be aware that the Music Centre Reception is closed. Please report any problems with the rooms or pianos to

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